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Christmas speaking activities

small_4180968389As the holidays rock around again, many teachers start looking for Christmas-themed activities. Here are a few for you. You can use them as they are, or adapt them for your own classes.

Jumbled questions

I did this for an elementary / pre-intermediate class to review question forms. I split them up into six teams and gave each team three questions to unjumble. Then they asked another team who won a point if they could answer correctly.

Team 1

“White Christmas” does mean? What
for What name another Santa Claus? is
traditionally people at sing do Christmas? What

Team 2

mean? does “Boxing Day” What
Can Christmas song? a anyone sing
on English do eat Christmas Day? people What

Team 3

mean? does “advent calendar” What
like? the can Where person you kiss you secretly
do before What Christmas? send people

Team 4

What mean? “christmas cracker” does
people Where English put Christmas their presents? do
does many Santa Claus have? How reindeer

Team 5

“midnight mass” mean? does What
“Queen’s Speech”? What the is
English? say “Buon Natale” How in you do

Team 6

“christmas stocking” does What mean?
your decorate How tree? can you
days are of there (according to the song)? How Christmas many

(If you’ve got more time, ask “bonus” questions: the names of Santa’s reindeer, what you find in a Christmas cracker, etc.)

Christmas quiz

This is another group activity. For each group you’ll need to provide the discussion questions – each on an individual slip or square of paper. Then each student in turn picks up the slip of paper, reads out the question, then answers. Choose as many questions from the categories below that are appropriate to your class.

Customs, traditions and activities

What do you and your family usually do at Christmas?
Does your school / company do anything special at Christmas?
How do you spend the week between Christmas and New Year?
Can you describe some traditional Christmas activities in your town or region?

Christmas food

What do you have for lunch on Christmas Day?
What do you eat on New Year’s Eve?
What special food do you associate with Christmas?

Christmas presents and shopping

Describe a Christmas TV ad that you have seen.
What do you do when someone gives you a present you don’t like?
What was the best present you ever gave someone at Christmas? Why was it so good?
What was the worst present you ever got and why?
What are you hoping to get at Christmas?
What are you going to buy your Mum / Dad / partner etc?

Discussion questions

Are there any disadvantages of Christmas? What do you think the worst thing is?
What is your idea of a perfect Christmas?
Some people say that Christmas is too commercial. Do you agree?
What’s the best thing about Christmas in your opinion?

Board and dice games

These activities will take a bit more preparation. You’ll probably want to laminate the boards and find enough dice for all your groups (so probably not so good for a large group of students).

(Both are from OnestopEnglish)

The Christmas Stocking game

Christmas is coming

Happy Christmas and New Year!

Photo credit: mukumbura

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